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:: Accenture Shape the Future Event @ Bangalore 15th December 2007::

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:: Accenture Shape the Future Event @ Bangalore 15th December 2007::



:: Accenture Shape the Future Event @ Bangalore 15th December 2007 ::


This event has been one of the most memorable events I have ever been to in a very long time during my DBA days.... This event was held @ The Taj Residency, Bangalore on December 15th 2007.


 There am sitting down @ the Taj Lobby Lounge,

Along with my colleague Vijay who is in this next picture below, who happens to be the reason why I also made it to the conferenceJ!



This event on MDM (Master Data Management), PCM (Portal and Content Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) collectively known as Information Management).


The Keynote was delivered by Mr.Viney Kaushal, who heads the Global Alliance Operations @ Accenture Information Management Services, Chicago USA. Viney explained to the audience members on the benefits of having multiple skill sets that would help them in their Data Management Careers. An exemplary display of Accenture's capabilities on the topic was discussed.



Next was Mr.Anupam Pandey, who is the Capability Lead for Information Management Services in India, spoke to us about the various challenges Enterprises face today in the Decision Making process. He spoke on various Industry Verticals as to where and how Accenture is helping and how one can drive the MDM initiatives within their respective organizations.



During the talk, Mr.Surya from the Consulting Team, who also happens to be the Co-Secretary for TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute), India Chapter, shared with us some of the trends being seen in the DW/EIM spaces within organizations around the world and also how India is a key player in this niche market.




After that we broke for a Tea BreakJ!


After the Tea-Break we resumed sessions with Mr.Harish Shankarappa, Senior Manager for DM&A @ Accenture IDC, shared his knowledge on the various facets involving Master Data Management (MDM).



Along with Harish, Ms.Aditi Jain, who is a Team Lead @ Accenture Delivery Centers, also explained to the audience about the various ways of simplifying processes by making use of terms like Fact and Dimension Tables etc, to make the learning experience more responsive!


After that we had a talk from the folks @ Informatica, Bangalore. Mr.Anil Tatar, who heads the Informatica Alliance function in India, along with his Technical Consultant spoke to the audience on the topic of Data Quality. They spoke about their new product Data Quality 8.5 as well.



Next was LunchJ!


After Lunch, we all gathered to hear two more Accenturites, Ms.Aditi Kulkarni and Mr.Ramesh Dintakurthi explained and demonstrated to us 3 scenarios on Master Data Management. They showcased a demo on the topic using a Data Quality tool for the same.




After that, we had speak to us, was Mr.Andrew Fano, Director of Accenture Technology Labs' Global Research. Andrew gave us an insight into Predictive Monitoring and explained about the various ways and methods being used within Accenture to achieve the various tasks involved in Customer Personalization, Data Ubiquity and much more…



And of course for the Grand Finale, we had with us Mr.Stephen Callagher, Senior Director, Accenture. Being an Industry Veteran in the field of Data Management and Business Intelligence since 1985 speaks volumes of his experience and technical capabilities.


A very happy and jovial personJ!

I was fortunate to have met him up close and receive the First Prize for the Best Question of the Day.
This was indeed a special day in my Life.


There was a final Q&A and we called it a day!


Until next time!

Anil Mahadev









:: Accenture Shape the Future Event @ Bangalore 15th December 2007 ::

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